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An "In Home" pet sitting service

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At Sit and Stay we understand you can't always be home to tend to your pets needs. Whether it's vacation time, demanding work schedules, important business meetings or unexpected trips away from home, your pets well being shouldn't be a distraction while you're away. Your pets are your companions and they deserve to be comfortable. That's where we come into the picture. Our goal is to provide the same loving care and affection you would give them yourself, in an environment that they're familiar with...their own home. For your own peace of mind we are licensed, bonded, insured and members of the most recognized pet sitting organizations in the business. Your pet will love us and you will too! Call or email us your information, and your pet's information in the "Contact Us" section of our website. We'll schedule a free consultation and "meet and greet" at your convenience.

Many animals have a difficulty adjusting to a boarding kennel. Letting them stay at home gives you peace of mind knowing that your pet is comfortable. We love The Humane Society

Advantages :

"Sit and Stay, providing loving pet care while you're away"


Privacy and Security:

Sit and Stay will not sell, share, or rent our client's personal or business information, whether it be their name, phone numbers, email address or address. We value our clients and as such, we respect their privacy. We will not use our clients as references without their permission.

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